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boxtech Upgraded Electric Aquarium Cleaner, 12V DC/28W Auto Fish Tank Gravel Cleaning kit 6 in 1 Change Water and Wash…

Multifunction Gravel Cleaner for Aquarium: Boxtech Electric Gravel Cleaner Kit with Water Changer+Sand Washer+Debris Cleaning+Water Filter+Water Shower+Water Flow 6 in 1 functions. Hmax can up to 118 inch, It takes only 0.3h to draw out a 180 gallon tank Strong Power with Suction: Power is 28W, powerful water pump motor can provide the maximum flow of 256 GPH. Suction enough to change water, suck food debris & fish poop out of aquarium quickly Safe & Durable: Only using DC12 Voltage power with UL certificated, Multi-page rotor spiral core, energy saving and preventing jamming, make sure it is safe to use for our customers and your love fish

Fistoy 5 in 1 Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, New Quick Water Changer Gravel Vacuum Siphon Vac with Air-Pressing Button, Water…

【Easy to Use】 This Air-pressing Button has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation even as a child. Push the siphon switch of the aquarium siphon vacuum several times, and make sure that the inlet tube part is full of water, and then observe the outlet hose. After the water continuously flows out, you can stop push to observe whether it automatically works. If not, continue to operate until the water flows out quickly and automatically. 【5 in 1 Multifunction】 Fistoy Gravel Cleaner suit of all your requirements for fish tank. Can be used to rake gravel(Level the ground); Scraping algae; Sand and gravel cleaning(clear away the powder particles); Fecal absorption( clean fish feces); Quick changing the water (stronger suction to easily change the water).The aquarium has always been kept clean and beautiful. 【Fish Protector】 The fish tank gravel cleaner includes a filter basket net which prevents aquarium gravel from jamming the check valve assembly and smaller fish from being sucked into the apparatus

hygger Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, 5 in 1 Automatic Fish Tank Cleaning Tool Set Vacuum Water Changer Sand Washer…

🐟CLEANING FUNCTION: Our sand algae cleaner have four spliced rigid tubes, which can be extended from 11.4 inches to 40.5 inches according to the tank. With brush heads, each corner of the fish tank can be cleaned. Aquarium gravel cleaner can also be used with the duckbill suction port to suck dirt from the corner of the fish tank, and the dung can be easily sucked away. 🐠WATER CHANGE FUNCTION: 4.92ft super high head, and the water changer pump can provide a strong flow of up to 360GPH, the power of sand washer is sufficient to quickly change the water, saving half the time compared to manual. The starting water level can be as low as 2in, no water accumulation, and pumping as low as 0.3in. 🐡FILTRATION FUNCTION: The filter housing can filter the garbage in the water and make the clean water return to the tank. The fish tank can be filtered without changing water, such as washing sand, and the dirt is directly passed through the filter box. Filter sponge can be repeatedly cleaned and reused and can be replaced with other filter media.

KAREEME Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, Quick and Long Nozzle Water Changer, Professional Fish Tank Sand Cleaner Kit with Air…

🐟High Performance & Design for Aquarium: Water Changing-Sand Washing-Excrement Delivering-Moss Removing-Manure Extraction: KAREEME Provides 5 in 1 multifunctional aquarium gravel cleaner to helps you use with effortless operation. 🐟Great Working Principle: Manual Press Design. The Sand Washer of using PP ABS materials has 2 thickened airbags inside, large operating space, saving manpower of upgraded equipment can pump water quickly, resistance to extrusion, can be used for a long time. 🐟Easy to use & Prevent Blockage: Press the siphon switch of the aquarium siphon vacuum cleaner several times, and make sure that the inlet tube part is full of water, and then observe the outlet hose. After the water continuously flows out, you can stop push and observe whether it will automatically.There is a filter flower basket in the tube to effectively block the large sand and prevent small fish from being sucked in and causing blockage.

Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner for Fish Tank Cleaning Gravel & Sand

FUNCTION --- Easy to control, convenient to siphon fish faeces, impurities, turbid water out of fish tank. 7 Feet HOSE --- Made from clear & elastic plastic. Makes it more durable and anti-kinking. Harmless to fishes & No peculiar smell. GRAVEL TUBE --- Sinkable, with a filter screen inside. Will not disturb fish or decor when it's working.