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KINTOR Bird Perch Nature Wood Stand for 3-4pcs Small Medium Parrots

DESIGN IDEA --This bird perch design idea is from wild world, in the wild the little birds always stand on the tree branch to talk or play with each other,so we want our caged parrots to share such wonderful moment like wild birds. as you can see our branch perch can fit 3-4 birds at same time,it can give little feather friends more chance to play with each other and get better communication 100% NATURE WOOD--our wood perch is made of nature prickly ash wood, you can check our picture, this perch material is 100% nature hard wood,which is totally safe for your little pet and also can be chewing toy as well EASY TO INSTALL --Our bird perch has very durable and sturdy stainless steel connection,just install the perch on the top of cage with attached screw

LIMIO Bird Perch 4 PCS Wood Stand Parakeet Toys Bird Cage Accessories for Parrots Conure Supplies Budgie Platform

Recommend Small Animals - The wood perch length is 4.5 Inch, width is 3.5 inch, the wooden stick length is 5.5 Inch, thickness is 0.8 inch, supplies for budgies, cockatiel, parakeets, lovebird, conure, cockatoo, canary, dove, finch and other small bird, not for large parrots such as macaws, african greys. Rough Surface - Provide excellent foot exercise and the hard coating on the surface keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally. Healthy Materials - Made of pure natural wood, the bird perch is made of natural quartz sands and pure nature wood inside with food grade color, non-toxic materials.

N/V 4 PCS Budgie Bird Perches Stand, Natural Wood Parakeet Cage Toys Accessories, Parrots Wooden Perch Stand for Conure…

【Anti-Slip Perch】Bird perch is made of natural prickly wood without paint. The parrot can stand steadily on the bird perch stand. 【Safety material】Cockatiel perch is made of natural material without any pungent chemical smell. The material of the log allows the parrot to grind the claws comfortably. 【Easy to install】Throughout the installation process, you do not need additional tools. Only through the built-in bolts and wing nuts, the parakeet perch can be firmly fixed to the cage. Convenient for your disassembly and cleaning.

QBLEEV Bird Cage Play Stand Toy Set-Birdcage Wood Stands Hanging Chew Toys Ladder Swing Parrot Perch Play Gym Playground…

Natural beech wood, safe Easy assemble,mounts to the cage top/bottom with wing nuts and washers Play set is approx. 10.2" tall,11.8”length, T stand 6.2”tall,7.8”length