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Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray, Cat Repellent Spray Safe for Plants, Furniture, Floors, Non-Toxic, Alcohol Free-175ml

Exclusive Formula: Our no scratch cat training spray has a patent-pending formula that uses safe ingredients from natural sources (such as rosemary oil and lemongrass) to prevent cats from scratching anywhere in your home. Believe you will love our cat spray. Protect Furniture and Houses: This safe and natural cat repellent indoor prevents most cats from scratching furniture and sofas. Our cat repellent spray can be used for things you want to prevent your pets from chewing and scratching indoors and outdoors, including wires, clothing, furniture, sofas, curtains, indoor and outdoor plants or other things they chew. 100% Non-toxic Formula: Our natural cat scratch deterrent spray does not contain harsh chemicals or additives, and will not harm your pet or spray things! The cat deterrent spray combines natural bitter taste and lemon extract, which is very suitable for pets with allergies and other sensitivities, and can safely replace other sprays containing irritating chemicals.

Four Paws Keep Off Indoor/Outdoor Cat & Kitten Repellent, 16 fl. oz.

Keep off! Repellent for cats kittens is a perfect aid for training cats to stay off furniture draperies Helps keep cats away from houseplants outdoor plants and other undesirable areas Repels cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily

Jxselect Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape,8 Pieces XL Large (11.8″ x 17″) or 3″ x30 Yards Large Roll Clear Double Sided Tape for Cats Scratching,Pins Free Cat Deterrent Tape – Furniture Protector

Effective cat scratch prevention tape: This anti cat scratch tape is very effective in preventing the cat from scratching the furniture,window screens or carpets. Cats don't like the sticky feeling of the cat sticky tape, so they were trained not to scratch the spot where your apply the cat scratching tape! Harmless to cats: Feline friendly , this cat scratching deterrent tape is made of medical-grade material,protecting your precious furniture without causing harm to the cat,perfect cat anti-scratch training aids. Very convenient to apply: Cut desired length of cat sticky tape,stick it where you want it to stick, and then peel off the white backing paper.It's hard to notice the cat couch protector applied on your couch since the tape is crystal clear,will not affect the beauty of the furniture at all.

Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs 200ml- Dog Training and Correction Spray to Stop Barking, Prevent Unwanted Behaviors and…

STOPS BARKING: Help train your dog to stop excessive barking with Pet Corrector. Pet Corrector works by emitting a harmless hiss of air to interrupt barking & help you train "no bark" & other useful training commands HISS SOUND: Pet Corrector retrains dog behaviors by emitting a hiss sound mimicking natural warning sounds that cats & other animals make. This interrupts actions and allow you to retrain habits like jumping up & barking GREAT FOR DOG TRAINING: We love our dogs so training them humanely is important. Pet Corrector is a constructive & positive way to interrupt bad habits & retrain better behaviors for peace of mind around the house & in public