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Exo Terra Terrarium Hydrometer

Wipe clean Analog hygrometer Adhere the hygrometer in the terrarium

GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display Digital Reptile Tank Hygrometer Thermometer with Hook Temperature…

100% Brand New and High-Quality Reptile Tank Thermometer Hygrometer: Precise supervision of the temperature and air humidity in terrariums, vivariums and reptile tanks. Stylish Design: Stylish looking digital vivarum thermometer with hook and loop for easy to install to any reptile tanks or terrariums. Comes with a battery so you can use the thermometer immediately. Fantastic Value: This accurate reptile thermometer and hygrometer allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity in the reptile tanks at all times to makesure your beloved reptiles are in perfect health.