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I LOVE MY PETS LLC Dog Eye Health Supplements – Dog Eye Health Complex – Premium Formula – Vet Recommended – Dog…

DOG EYE HEALTH: The older your dog gets, the more at risk she will become for developing age-related eye issues. But truth be told, eye problems can actually occur at any time in a dog’s life, so checking your dog’s eyes on a routine basis should be a part of your usual health and wellness check. Our supplement can also help your dogs eyes by providing them the nutrients and vitamins they need to function best. DOG NUTRIENTS FOR EYES: There are different foods out there packed with nutrients that can help with your dogs eye health. But what our supplement has to offer it can not be compared to food. Our eye health supplement is packed with vitamins, nutrients and other ingredients that support and help with your dogs eyes. BILBERRY FOR DOGS EYES: The herb bilberry, often used for eye health and other health conditions, contains anthocyanoside flavonoids which provide structural support for the eye. Bilberry has been shown to enhance vision and healthy eye function. Bilberry is one of the best herbs for your dogs eye health, which is why its in our supplement.