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BLSMU Reptile Carpet,Coconut Fiber Substrate,Lizard Cage Mat,Coco Fiber Liner,Snake Bedding,Natual Coconut Fiber Carpet…

☑ SPECIFICATION - Size :35.4" x 15.7". package includes :1 x reptile carpet. You can cut the mat to the size you need to fit your tank. You can also put these carpets in a reptile cage to create a real habitat. Soft carpets are suitable for a variety of reptiles, snakes, turtles, lizards and insects. ☑ PROTECT PET'S CLAWS AND SKIN - The reptile carpet protects reptiles from moisture, dirt, and scratches. Reptiles can sleep on mat to prevent ascites. Coconut substrates prevent skin decay for reptiles, better protect your reptile limbs, and allow reptiles to enjoy the natural mat. ☑ EASY TO CLEAN - Reptile cage mat is made of natural coconut fiber and are resistant to dirt, durable and easy to clean. You just shake the dirt off the mat, rinse it with water, hang it up to dry, and then put it back in the cage.

Galápagos (05064) Aspen Digs Shavings Bedding, 8-Quart, Natural

High Absorbency: Controls Humidity and Stops Odors Sustainable: Made from Timber By-Product Diggable for Burrowing Snakes, Lizards and Rodents

HERCOCCI 39’’ x 20’’ Reptile Carpet, Grey – Terrarium Mat Liner Bedding Reptile Cage Substrate for Bearded Dragon Lizard…

【GREAT FOR MORE REPTILES】The liner is soft, it is perfect for more reptiles, such as tortoise, bearded dragon, lizard snake, gecko, chameleons and so on. It can protect reptiles away from wet and scrape. You can also used this carpet with terrarium carpet together. 【CONVENIENT AND FOLDING】Bearded dragon carpet is durable, washable and reusable. When cleaning, roll up the mat and put all the garbage on it. Shake off loose pieces and hang to dry. It looks like new. The thickness of the product has increased, Your pet won't scratch the carpet easily with its paws. 【CUT TO SIZE AS NEEDED】Substrate is Absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate reptiles. You can cut the mat into the size that you need to fit your gallon.

PURPLE STAR 1N 4 Packs Pet Terrarium Liner Reptile Mat-16X10 Inch Natural Coconut Fiber Substrate Mat, Coco Fiber Liner…

Package includes: you will get 4 packs reptile carpet, each of the size is16*10 inches, easy for you to cut to the size you need to fit your tank, makes your pet cage or aquarium look cleaner and safer to use. Durable Material: the reptile carpets are made of natural coconut fiber, safe to use, provide your reptiles with a comfortable and clean habitat of their own, let the reptile enjoy the natural mat. Easy to Wash: with strong filterability, water permeability, good air permeability and good resilience, it's easy for you to shake the dirt off the mat, rinse it with water, hang it up to dry, and then put it back in the cage.

Reptile Carpet 4pcs Terrarium Substrate Liner Pet Habitat Bedding Soft Green Mat for Bearded Dragon Lizards Gecko…

☺ SPECIFICATION - Size: 19.7" x 11.8".Packaging includes: 4 x reptile carpet. Four pcs reptile carpets for easy cleaning and replacement. ☺ CARPET SIZE CAN BE CUT - If you think the reptile floor mat is too big, you can cut the length or width of the mat with scissors to fit the bottom of your tank. As soon as the green terrarium substrate liner arrives, it can be put in your reptile home. ☺ EASY TO CLEAN AND REUSABLE - Durable, washable, practical reptile carpet can be used repeatedly clean, non-toxic and odorless environmental materials, natural protection. When cleaning, roll up all the trash in a blanket, then shake the litter off the mat, rinse the mat with cold water, and hang it to dry. It looks as good as new.

Reptile Carpet, 2 Pack Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner Reptile Mat Cage Supplies for Bearded Dragon Lizard Leopard…

【CUT Any Size】 Lizard mat has a plush carpet, it is cut to size as required.It is made of abrasive felt material. Lizard liner is soft and feels nice on your reptile's feet, tummy and teeth. The high quality nonwoven fabric is absorbent, breathable and super comfortable for your pet to lay down and rest. 【DIMENSIONS】 Size: 39" x 20"/100x50cm. Packaging includ:reptile carpets for easy cleaning and replacement. It is suitable for 10-55gallon. 【Soft Material】The reptile habitat mat is made of high-density fiber material, soft, absorbent, breathable and comfortable for reptiles’ feet, belly and teeth. You can also use this carpet with plastic mats.

SunGrow Reptile Mat, 35×17 Inches, 1-inch Thickness, Edible and Paw-Friendly Reptile Bed, Climbing Carpet, Terrarium Bed…

✔ ADD SOME COLOR TO REPTITAT --- Some reptile habitat bedding such as sand, gravel or other loose substrate can be ingested by pets (especially young ones) and may upset stomach or worse. The fabric liner cannot be digested by your pet and helps in absorbing pet urine. ✔ NO MORE LIVING IN DIRTY SOIL --- Selecting a safe and appropriate substrate for your particular pet is essential to his health and happiness. Untreated soil, wood, leaves, and other items directly from nature can potentially bring in dirt to your reptile habitat. ✔ SOFT, NON-ABRASIVE FABRIC MATERIAL --- Made using a soft felt material, the SunGrow Terrarium Liner is soft and feels nice on your reptile’s feet, tummy and teeth. The high quality nonwoven fabric is absorbent, breathable and super comfortable for your pet to lay down and rest.

Zoo Med Hermit Crab Calcium Sand Substrate, 2 Pounds

Natural Pigment colors No paints or dyes It provides the necessary source