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Hamiledyi Reptile Carpet Natural Coconut Fiber Tortoise Carpet Mat for Pet Terrarium Liner Reptile Supplies for Lizard…

【HIGH QUALITY SOFT MATERIAL】Reptile mat Made of natural high-quality coconut fiber,Not easy to break or deform and eco-friendly material,your pet safer to use. Package Include:4 x sheets reptile carpet 19.7"x11.8"x0.4"(50*30*1cm). 【GREAT FOR MORE REPTILES】Hamiledyi Terrarium Mat Liner Bedding is soft, it is perfect for more reptiles,such as tortoise, bearded dragon, lizard snake, gecko, chameleons turtles insects and so on.It can protect reptiles away from wet and scrape. You can also used this carpet with terrarium carpet together. 【CUT TO SIZE AS NEEDED】Soft carpets substrate is Absorbent,environmentally friendly, moisture-proof and warm provide,Natural protection will not irritate reptiles. You can cut the mat into the size that you need to fit your gallon.create a real habitat.When not in use for easy packing and storage. liner is soft and it feels nice on your reptile’s feet. Choosing a safe and appropriate substrate, it is important for your pet's health.

SISIPAI LIFE Reptile Bedding, 2 Pack 19.7″x11.8″ Reptile Carpet for Bearded Dragon, Tortoise Bedding, Terrarium Liner for Lizard, Snake, Chameleon, Turtle

🌴SPECIFICATION:🌴 Size :19.7" x 11.8"x 0.4". package includes :2 x reptile carpet. You can cut the mat to the size you need to fit your tank. 🌴PROTECT YOUR PET & PROVIDE COMFORTABLE HABITAT: 🌴It can provide safe habitat and protects reptiles from moisture, dirt, and scratches. Lizard can sleep on mat to prevent ascites. Coconut substrates prevent skin decay for reptiles, better protect your reptile limbs, and allow reptiles to enjoy the natural mat.super comfortable for your pet to lay down and rest. 🌴NATURAL & SAFE MATERIALS:🌴 Reptile cage mat made of natural coconut fiber, a substrate that not only looks good, but is healthier for your reptile than most alternatives. Environmentally friendly, moisture-proof and warm, it can provide natural protection. Non-toxic, tasteless, eco-friendly material, so don't worry about pets chewing on this mat.

Zilla Brown Terrarium Liner 20/29 Gallons, Pack of 3

3 brown terrarium substrate carpets Each terrarium liner measures 11.75 by 29.5 inches Made from an absorbent, non-abrasive material that won't irritate your reptile's feet