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Tetra 77140 EasyBalance PLUS Water Conditioner, 16.9-Ounce

age_range_description: all stages Alkalinity and pH stabilizers prevent sudden, dramatic swings in pH that can be harmful to fish

Tetra 77342 BettaSafe Kit Tablets, 8-Count

Bettasafe neutralizes harmful elements in tap water NEUTRALIZES HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: Removes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and heavy metals. VITAMIN AND MINERAL BLEND: Works to increase the vitality, breeding behavior and activity of your fish.

Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner/Dechlorinator, Packaging may vary

FOR FRESHWATER AND MARINE aquariumS: Tetra AquaSafe Plus works instantly to make tap water safe for fish. ADVANCED FORMULA: Neutralizes or removes harmful chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. PROTECTS FISH: Enhances protective slime coat to help wounds heal.

Tetra Correct pH Tablets 8 Count, For aquarium Water

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. MAINTAINS NEUTRAL pH: Helps maintain ideal pH levels in aquarium water. REDUCES STRESS TO FISH: Maintaining recommended pH levels is vital to ensuring a healthy environment.

Tetra Flaked Fish Food, 6.35-Ounce

FLAKED FISH FOOD TetraPond Pond Flakes are formulated for smaller outdoor goldfish and koi PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS Ideal maintenance diet for energy longevity and overall health CLEAR-WATER FORMULA Won’t cloud water when used as directed

Tetra JumboMin Large Sticks

LARGE FLOATING STICKS Nutritious balanced food for monster fish FOR LARGE AGGRESSIVE FISH including cichlids oscars piranhas arowanas lionfish angels and groupersLIVE FOOD ALTERNATIVE Formulated with dried krill and shrimp PROCARE FORMULA Helps support fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life

Tetra River Shrimp Fish Food Treat

aquarium DIET SUPPLEMENT Natural shrimp treat designed to supplement any Tetra staple diet foods such as TetraMin Flakes and any TetraPro foods FOR FRESHWATER & SALTWATER FISH Premium-quality nutritious supplement provides variety to your fish’s diet COLOR ENHANCING Carotene a natural color enhancer sourced from shrimp helps bring out the natural pink orange and red colors of fish

TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Sticks for Medium / Large Cichlids

CICHLID FORMULATION These protein-rich flakes are specially designed for use as a staple food for top- and mid-water cichlids FOR DAILY FEEDING Nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health color and vitality – supports a long life PROCARE FORMULA Helps support fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life

TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Color Enhancer

Age Range Description: All Life Stages Age Range Description: All Ages Included Components: Tetracolor Tropical Flakes (2.82 Oz)

TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes 2.2 Ounces, Balanced Diet, With Algae To Promote Health

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. GOLDFISH FORMULATION: Specially formulated as a premium staple flake food for your goldfish or small koi. WITH ALGAE FLAKES: Extra vegetable matter helps support fish health and promote digestibility.

TetraMin Large Tropical Flakes For Top or Mid Feeders

TROPICAL FORMULATION Highly digestible ingredients for use as staple food for your top- and mid-feeding tropical fish COMPLETE DIET Nutritionally balanced for optimal health ACTIVE LIFE FORMULA With added antioxidants for healthy cells select proteins for growth and prebiotics for digestion

TetraPond Variety Blend Fish Food to Enhance Color and Vitality

POND BLEND: Daily staple food for koi, ornamental goldfish and other pond fish species of all sizes – enhances color and vitality. VARIED DIET: This blend includes Pond Sticks, Koi Vibrance and Spring & Fall Diet. SOFT STICKS: Easy to eat and digest for both small and large fish.