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Spirich Freestanding Wire Pet Gate for Dogs, 60 inches Extra Wide, 30 inches Tall Dog Gate for The Houes, Doorway…

The SIMPLE & STURDY: This Convertible Wooden Dog Gate is a Pet Fence, Room Divider, and Pet Pen All In One. Constructed of sturdy wood and strong steel wire for safely confining pets . Non-Slip Rubber Feet to protect your floor.Freestanding Foldable Wooden Pet Gat FOLDING AND EXPANDABLE DESIGN: This Pet Dog Fence is free standing and can be folded out into the wide Z-Shape allows you to use It in Full Hallways, Double Doors, or Standard Doorways, BedroomsAlso as the baby gate EASY TO SET UP & STORE: The Dog Gate Quickly Unfolds Like an Accordion, Making It Simple to Set Up and Store. Consists of 3 pet panels, connected and secured together with sturdy 360 degree hinges for multiple configurations